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Energy companies enjoyed a monopoly status for decades. Under the traditional system, they generated the electricity or pumped the natural gas out of the ground, and delivered it through their own system of pipes and wires to your business.

That system was certainly reliable, but it was also one-sided. The power companies built in their target profit, and charged you accordingly. You had no other choice.

Around the turn of the century, energy deregulation began spreading across the country on a state-by-state basis, allowing new companies into the marketplace to compete for your business. When competition flourishes, the consumer wins.

Customers who live in deregulated states have the power to choose which company provides their energy supply. Energy choice can also mean lower prices and greater flexibility in pricing plans and contract terms.

Energy Brokers

Personal Energy Shoppers

US Power and Gas independent energy brokers help their clients cut through the confusion and sort out their best options.

Our representatives are trained to evaluate their clients’ energy history, prepare a request for proposal based on their needs, and comparison-shop several energy suppliers on their behalf.

US Power and Gas has long-standing relationships with some of the largest energy suppliers in North America. We speak their language, and can translate the jargon into a common-sense alternative for end users Our buying power can result in preferred pricing, and we pass those savings to consumers through our network of energy brokers.

Our Process:

1. As an energy broker working with US Power and Gas, you’ll discuss the client’s business history, cycles of operation and any future expansion plans to get a better sense of how they use their energy. That will help us determine any special contract-structure considerations we need to take into account as we prepare the request for proposal.

2. You’ll examine their business electricity and/or natural gas bills to determine their rate class, usage history and load profiles.

3. You’ll work with our pricing team to prepare a request for proposal based on your client’s consumption history, and submit it to several qualified energy suppliers for a quote.

4. We’ll identify the lowest bid and negotiate any other contract stipulations on your client’s behalf.

5. You will walk your client through the pricing, product structure and contract terms of the energy supplier, and ensure their satisfaction with the agreement.

6. Upon contract execution, we monitor the switch process to safeguard a seamless transition between suppliers.

7. You will remain on call as your customer’s energy consultant throughout the course of the agreement, answering any questions your customer may have and maintaining a relationship as their energy consultant.

8. The customer remains in your book of business, and you’ll earn residual income as long as their energy agreement is in place.

As an independent energy broker, your aim is to develop long-term relationships with your clients, built on trust and extraordinary customer service. At US Power and Gas, our job is to support you in those efforts.

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