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8338168_sAt US Power and Gas, we welcome the opportunity to train those entrepreneurs eager to learn energy brokerage services for the first time. If you already have a book of business or an established sales team, partnering with us can provide immediate benefits.

You can skip all the overhead: offices, desks, multi-line phone systems and a receptionist. What you really need to succeed in the energy business, aside from lots of hustle, is solid relationships with some retail energy suppliers. This is the key factor that will set the standard for the kind of business you want to create and grow.

If you want to sell pre-hedged and territory-specific energy campaigns, then you probably only need one supplier client to begin. Most of those suppliers will offer you a specified dollar amount per customer enrollment, with some sort of a “claw-back,” to cover early and/or pre-flow cancellations. They will also have production and compliance expectations that you will be expected to meet, which may make things a little difficult if you’re a one-man show at the beginning.

The best approach for your clients is to become an energy broker, representing multiple suppliers so that you can try to get your customers the best possible rates. For that approach, you will need a number of reputable suppliers from which to choose.

These suppliers will typically offer you residual payments based on the margin you add to your customer’s monthly usage. That allows you to create a steady base income stream that you can then use to grow your business.

Monthly residuals are typically paid on flow, however, which could take several months from when you first signed the customer. This is where an upfront payment agreement will be helpful. Acquiring an upfront payment agreement with any of the top suppliers in the energy industry is nearly impossible for an upstart broker, however. Suppliers typically want to be sure that there is enough residual money due to that broker before offering upfront payment.

At US Power and Gas, we partner with Energy Professionals, LLC to create a prequalified energy broker network, representing 40 of the most respected supplier names in the industry. Those long-term relationships have allowed us attractive payment options that you can use to your advantage as you start to sell and grow your book of business.

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