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Map Project Highlights Energy Resources

In the pages of the US Power and Gas blog, we cover a wide range of business initiatives, employee achievements and industry trends.

The latter category tends to get jumbled with facts, figures and “did you knows,” but industry followers certainly appreciate the fundamental fact that America is awash in energy.

Improvements in drilling techniques in recent years – namely the horizontal drilling technique of “fracking” – has unlocked large reserves of oil and natural gas. America has the largest recoverable coal deposits in the world. And our renewable energy efforts in solar, wind and good-old hydro make significant contributions to our consumption mix.

Headlines and statistics are nice, but to see it on a map is pretty cool.

In an effort to highlight its research and graphics capabilities, an Oklahoma City advertising and public relations firm has produced an interactive project called US of Energy. The Saxum agency combed though a variety of governmental and industry resources, from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to the Nuclear Research Council and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, to plot the country’s vast energy resources in an engaging format.

The web site is filled with informational nuggets that highlight both America’s energy appetite and its generation and production capacity.


– America consumed three times as much energy in 2011 than it did in 1949
– As much as 23 percent of energy consumption relies on imported energy
– Florida produces about twice as much electricity from oil than does second-place New York.
– Colorado’s Niobrara shale is estimated to contain as much as 2 billion barrels of oil.

Saxum has created an impressive resource that’s informative and fun for the energy-minded. Check it out here.


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