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Q: What is energy deregulation?

A: Energy deregulation began around 2000 on a state-by-state basis. It breaks the monopoly of the local utility and separates the supply portion (the actual electrons and molecules of energy) from the delivery portion (the pipes and wires that gets the energy to your business).

In deregulated states, consumers can choose from the offerings of alternate energy suppliers. When they choose a new supplier, they remain with the utility for the delivery function.

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Q: Is there a chance for service disruption when choosing an alternate supplier?

A: No, the switch to a new supplier is handled seamlessly by the local utility. The reliability of service remains the same, regardless of which company supplies the energy.

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Q: Can US Power and Gas representatives sign up residential accounts, too?

A: Yes, in limited circumstances. Talk to us for details.

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Q: How will I be compensated?

A: Once your clients complete with switch process to a new supplier (i.e. go “on flow,”) you will be paid a percentage of their monthly usage. Usage is measured in kilowatt hours (electric) or therms (natural gas). Exact compensation rates will be disclosed during the interview process and included in your contract.

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Q: How often will I be paid? What is residual income?

A: You will receive a monthly check, based on your clients’ usage, every month that they remain a customer. Residual income means that you continue to get paid long after the ink is dry on the energy contract, subject to certain conditions that are addressed in your agent contract.

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Q: Can I get paid up front?

A: US Power and Gas does offer an Advance Payment Plan, which allows you to get paid faster through us than you might through a supplier directly. Restrictions apply, of course, but we’d be happy to share the details.

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Q: Is there a fee to join?

A: No. You’re not really “joining” anything. This is an opportunity for you to start a home-based business as a retail energy broker, or to build your existing business through the support of an established organization.

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Q: Is this multi-level marketing?

A: No. While we encourage you to share the US Power and Gas opportunity with your friends and family, you will not be compensated for their efforts.

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