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The AGR Group Story

US Power and Gas was born out of AGR Group, Inc., an industry leader in energy sales and service that defined a market niche.

As states and utility service territories areas began to open up to energy competition around the turn of the century, large corporate suppliers had the opportunity to serve new customer segments. The suppliers certainly knew how to procure and deliver the electricity and natural gas, however they often were not nimble or savvy enough to complete the sale to the end user. The founders of AGR Group saw an opportunity.


Energy Telemarketing Specialists

What started in 2002 as an outbound telemarketing operation with a dozen employees on card tables using hand-dialed phones has grown into the most prolific customer acquisition team in the industry.

Evolving beyond the sales process, AGR Group now offers full outsourcing of all energy-related customer needs, including inbound customer service, lead generation, third party verification and general consulting in the retail energy space.


Commercial Brokerage and Consultation

As AGR Group continued to expand its influence as a prominent outsourced sales provider in the retail energy industry, it recognized an opportunity to expand its business model and broaden its customer base.

In 2007, the team launched Energy Professionals, an independent energy brokerage and consultation team based in Clearwater, Fla.

Rather than offer a particular product from a particular supplier, Energy Professionals representatives are free to offer the consumer the best available price regardless of the source. Energy Professionals representatives work with business owners and managers to determine the best energy products to fit the client’s needs, then shop several suppliers on the client’s behalf to find the best available price.

US Power and Gas works closely with Energy Professionals in building a network of independent brokers determined to help their clients find their best energy options.

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