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Archive for January 2014

New Law Turns Out Lights On Traditional Bulbs

You have to say it was a pretty good run. The traditional electric incandescent light bulb, essentially unchanged for 125 years, is now officially a thing of the past. At the start of the New Year, 40 and 60-watt light bulbs were banned in the U.S., bringing […]

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Cold Weather Brings Energy Awareness

As mid-winter regains its icy grip on most of the country this week, it’s a good time to review those tried-and-true energy saving tips. The little things really do add up to lower home heating bills. Your utility will thank you, as well. Extremely cold temperatures can […]

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Illinois Expands Energy Choice

The Illinois Commerce Commission has extended energy choice to more than 800,000 natural gas customers in the Ameren Illinois territory, which covers 1,200 communities and three-quarters of the state. (That rumble you hear is the collective cheer of energy suppliers and industry advocates across North America.) Energy […]

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Map Project Highlights Energy Resources

In the pages of the US Power and Gas blog, we cover a wide range of business initiatives, employee achievements and industry trends. The latter category tends to get jumbled with facts, figures and “did you knows,” but industry followers certainly appreciate the fundamental fact that America […]

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