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Archive for October 2013

Build Your Financial Future Through Independent Energy Sales

Independent energy brokers at U.S. Power and Gas are building their financial futures while offering their clients a path to energy savings. It’s the perfect work-from-home opportunity: proceed at your own pace, nothing to join, no downlines to work, and no product to purchase or carry around […]

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Energy Deregulation Provides Perfect Work-From-Home Opportunity

When it comes to home-based business opportunities, you’ve probably heard it before. Something like, “Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!” or “Fame and fortune can be yours!” At US Power and Gas, we’re not selling the hype. There’s no entry fee or member’s kit, and no […]

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Energy Choice Advocates Move Forward in Indiana

The retail industry’s leading advocacy group and a heavy-hitting list of end-user energy customers have formally urged lawmakers in Indiana to consider implementation of energy choice. State legislation earlier this year suggested the legislative council, comprised of 16 members of the Indiana general assembly, assign the topic […]

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