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Archive for June 2013

Energy Industry Numbers Indicate Health and Reflect History

Baseball fans pore over box scores. Investors analyze stock market results. And those close to the energy industry have their own set of weekly statistics to help them gauge the short-term performance and long-term health of the oil and gas sectors. Total number of active rigs is […]

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Energy Conservation Contributes to Savings

Don’t let money blow out of your house. That’s the main message coming from the U.S. Energy Department, in a pair of public service announcements (PSAs) released earlier this month to help consumers save money by saving energy. The 30-second PSAs are part of a national consumer […]

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Energy Telesales Veteran to Lead USPG

Heart. Passion. Commitment. Triumph. Spend a few minutes with Bernard Muniz, talking about his approach to AGR Group, and those are the attributes that come tumbling out. They are the traits he prides in himself, and those he endeavors to inspire in others. Bernard brings that emotional […]

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