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Archive for May 2013

GE Targets Oil and Gas Industry for Heavy Investment

America is enjoying a historic energy boom, as hydraulic fracturing techniques have unlocked vast reserves of oil and gas. And now, one of the world’s largest corporations is joining the party. General Electric made headlines recently with the news that it’s opening a new laboratory in Oklahoma […]

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New Fracking Rules Proposed for Public Lands

The Obama administration recently issued a proposal for governing hydraulic fracturing operations on U.S. public lands, disappointing environmental advocates who say the rules move further away from full disclosure and regulation. The proposed guidelines from the Interior Department will be open to public comment and revisions for […]

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New Technologies Fuel Energy Boom

It wasn’t so long ago that conventional wisdom predicted a relative end to the earth’s petroleum reserves. “Peak Oil,” was a term for a future without fossil fuels, and it seemed inevitable. Now, the U.S. is awash in new discoveries of oil and natural gas, all seemingly […]

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Drilling Techniques Fuel Oil and Gas Boom

Technological advances have improved the economic competitiveness of clean energy sources like wind and solar, but they’ve also unlocked great domestic oil and gas reserves that are keeping supply and demand for conventional fuels at peak levels. Computer imaging programs allow drillers to locate oil and gas […]

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Energy Choice Expands in New Hampshire

Consumer electricity choice is quickly gaining traction in New Hampshire, as public awareness and switch rates continue to climb. Public interest is so encouraging that the Retail Energy Marketing Association (RESA) is pointing its recent consumer data in a call for even more competitive energy options in […]

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