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Archive for April 2013

Rising Gas Prices Make Other Fuels More Competitive

Wholesale natural gas prices have doubled over the past year. And while the gas boom is still underway and prices remain historically low, the recent increase is giving renewable energy and coal a fighting chance in the race toward economic advantage. Last spring, after a warmer-than-usual winter […]

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Researchers Plan Clean Energy Future in NY

Researchers from Stanford and Cornell Universities have determined that New York has the ability to produce all of its power from green energy sources by 2030. Their plan to achieve energy independence combines the use of wind, solar and hydro power throughout the state. New York has […]

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U.S. Diversifies Energy Mix

As President Obama enters his second term, he continues to promote an “all of the above” energy policy that includes increasing domestic oil and gas production while also promoting technologies to boost renewable energy. A report issued by the Energy Information Administration recapped Obama’s first term and […]

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Oil and Gas Boom Pumps Up U.S. Economy

The U.S. economy is reaping widespread benefits from an oil and natural gas boom through job creation and historically low residential and commercial electricity rates. Domestic oil and gas production had been declining since the early 1970s, as thousands of wells with diminished resources were shut down. […]

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