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Sara Frechette

Sara Frechette

Long Beach, CA

Sara Frechette ImageSara Frechette graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,  in Troy NY, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Materials Engineering in 1989 (when she was ten!)  She has enjoyed a long and successful sales career encompassing several industries, including pharmaceuticals, mortgage, professional accounting services and energy. Sara was part of Energy Professionals at it’s inception and is very excited to return to the energy industry as an agent for US Power and Gas.

Sara’s goal in business, and in life, is to succeed through helping others.  Working in the energy business allows her to assist small to medium-sized businesses (SMB) to achieve control over their utility bills and put money back in their pockets.  The benefit to the customer cannot be understated in this economy.  At the same time she is able to earn a good living which allows her to pursue her personal goals and charitable pursuits.

Sara is looking to establish client relationships which will endure into the future, not just for the duration of this contract but through the next contract and the ones after that. She wants to become her client’s energy management partner.  Working with US Power and Gas and the AGR Group family enables her to assist both multi-state/multi-location corporate entities and single location small businesses alike and deliver the same level of personal service, regardless.



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