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Management Team

Executive Team

Matt Judkin

President/CEO and Co-Founder

Matt’s unfailing energy is the fuel for AGR Group, as his enthusiasm, personal approach, and business acumen continues to drive the company to unprecedented heights. He continues to walk the sales floor on a daily basis, offering counsel and encouragement to his team, which appreciates his hands-on style.

Matt has a long resume of sales and management success. Prior to founding AGR in 2002, he was SVP of Sales and Marketing for Mueller Worldwide, a full service sales and marketing organization serving Fortune 500 clients. He has also excelled as a fundraiser for international non-profits of his choosing, and socio-economic issues remain close to his heart.

Matt offers a unique blend of industry knowledge, dynamic energy, and professional salesmanship that has won the respect and admiration of both clients and employees.

Adolfo Quintero

Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder

As AGR Group continues to build speed and momentum, Adolfo keeps both hands on the wheel. A proper foundation must be in place to support rapid growth in any industry, especially one as people-intensive as the direct marketing business, and Adolfo’s team ensures solid footing. His group oversees all technical and infrastructure needs of AGR’s multiple facilities, including dialers and workstations, data redundancy and building maintenance. Adolfo also handles all employee recruitment, training and motivation, which is the true success story of AGR.

Prior to founding AGR, Adolfo had a long and successful working relationship as Operations Manager with both Mueller Worldwide and with LDS, a telecommunications company.

Jeff Parker

Director of Administration and Sales

Jeff has been an integral part of AGR Group’s growth since the company’s earliest days, holding positions at AGR Florida ranging from sales rep to Director of Quality. He was one of the original transplants to open the Nevada office in June 2010 and helped grow that office to profitability.

With US Power and Gas, Jeff is charged with the recruiting, training and sales targets for his team of independent energy consultants.

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