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Energy Choice

pipesmazeBusiness owners have a lot on their minds, and choosing a new energy supplier isn’t always at the top of the list.

Oh, sure, your potential clients have probably heard about energy deregulation and their right to choose an alternate supplier. They might even know of others who have made a switch, and are now enjoying a rate plan and a price that suits their needs and saves them money. But still, they might not be sure where to begin.

The independent energy brokers of US Power and Gas can explain it all, and help business owners sort through their options to make an informed choice. We have solid relationships and years of experience with some of the largest power and gas suppliers in North America, and by leveraging our buying power, you can bring competitive products and pricing to your clients. The process is simple. The savings can be significant.

Energy Deregulation

Providing the Power of Choice

When you flip the switch or light the burner, the energy flows. And while we certainly take it for granted, it’s still kind of a marvel. It used to be that your local electric or gas company owned and operated the entire system that makes that magic happen. But state-by-state, through energy deregulation, the old utility monopolies are giving way to more choice, more flexibility, and lower prices for consumers.

Electricity and natural gas systems are made up of two distinct functions: supply and delivery. The supply is the actual generation of the energy. For electricity, that might be the electrons from a coal-fired generation plant or the turning of a wind turbine. For natural gas, it’s the molecules that are pumped out of the ground.

That supply ultimately has to get to your home or business through a series of high voltage wires, transformers and pipelines. You know: the guys with trucks and hard hats who respond when the power goes out. That part of the system is called the delivery function.

Energy deregulation breaks apart the supply and delivery functions. Local utilities, which traditionally owned and operated it all, generally choose to remain in the delivery business because they already have so much invested in those pipes and wires.

A New Way of Thinking

While you must remain with your local utility for delivery (that part is not open to competition), you now have the power to choose an alternate supplier. That new company supplies your electricity or natural gas to your local utility for delivery. The reliability of your energy is unchanged, and your service is not interrupted during the switch. And in most cases, you still receive one bill from the utility for both supply and delivery.

New energy suppliers have emerged to compete for your business, resulting in lower prices and greater flexibility in price plans.

The old systems have been in place since the days of Thomas Edison, however, and change doesn’t happen overnight. In most states, you can still buy your energy supply from your local delivery company. But it might not be your best deal. Utilities are simply passing through the supply charges, buying what they need on the open market, so they have no incentive to make sure you’re getting a good price.

Suppliers in competition are continually trying undercut one another, which is great news for consumers. The energy brokers of US Power and Gas do the comparison shopping on behalf of their clients, and help them get the best deal possible.

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